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Our new products for the 2018 season


The wonders of the night sky indoors.
The sun has completed its journey for the day and the grey skyline has been replaced by colourful building lights and striking structures. As the darkness falls we see a quick glimpse of the beautiful night skyline before we retire for the day. This beauty is captured in our new calendar “Up all Night”. You can almost feel a cold chill in the air as you admire these extraordinary structures from around the world. This unique calendar will certainly put the spotlight on any company as it illuminates even the dullest of walls.

Click here to view: UP ALL NIGHT



Carol Readman’s paintings are delicate impressions woven by brush and fortitude onto a colourful surface of speckled light. There is often the familiar shape of a landscape visible through an array of vibrant watercolours. “I have been painting for the last 25 years. I paint because I love using watercolours as it releases my impressions of what is going on in my life. Subject material comes straight out of my head onto the paper with a brush.” These painterly techniques balance nicely with this functional calendar and are the perfect
vehicle to display a company brand.

Click here to view: ART OF CAROL READMAN



The contrast and artistry of New Zealand’s sky 

The magnificence of the New Zealand horizon is captured in these calendars. The colourful sunrises, stormy skies and fascinating cloud formations ensure that this will be a statement piece in every office. The practical date grids guarantee these calendars will be used and looked at all year long and your business will be remain at the forefront of your clients mind.

 Click here to view: LAND & LIGHT - 1 month view

  Click here to view: LAND & LIGHT - 3 month view




Take a trip down memory lane with Custom Classics. Showcasing a collection of vintage vehicles these calendars will have you reminiscing about those days at the drive-in and cruising the coast on a beautiful summer’s day. Every day will feel like Throwback Thursday with one of these calendar

on your wall or desk. 

click here to view: CUSTOM CLASSICS WALL

click here to view: CUSTOM CLASSICS BOOKLET

click here to view: CUSTOM CLASSICS DESK



Promotional notepads are a functional product that are almost guaranteed to be used. Often found next to the phone of the company’s decision maker ensuring the business advertised receives the first call they make, which can lead to significant

gains for the organisation.

We have two sizes available 

Click here to view: A6

Click here to view: A5